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The 2. The so-called breakeven inflation rate - derived by subtracting the yield of the five-year TIP from that of the nominal five-year Treasury note - has risen to 2. They forecast a consumer price inflation CPI rate of 3. Read more: Morgan Stanley says inflation is heating up and these are the 12 undervalued stocks in a 'sweet spot' that you need to own thanks to their pricing power.

After GameStop, the rise of Dogecoin shows us how memes can move markets

The army of Reddit retail traders is still active, but it would appear most have booked profits on their positions in the likes of GameStop and AMC - GameStop is now worth just over half of what it was at the height of the Wall Street Bets frenzy one week ago. Earnings for the week ahead. What you need to know in markets this week: the future of Ethereum, what's next for oil, and inflation is on the rise. Amanda Cooper.

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The three major forecasters will publish their assessment of the outlook for oil demand in Inflation is picking up - should investors be worried? Analysts say "no. The dawning of the age of Ethereum Another week, another cryptocurrency at a record high. Read the original article on Business Insider.

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SEE ALSO: The research director at Grayscale breaks down 5 digital tokens other than bitcoin and ethereum that he is newly tracking - and shares 3 emerging opportunities he's monitoring ». And, since they run on blockchain, a decentralized digital ledger that documents transactions, ownership and validity of the asset the NFTs represent can be tracked. Although the collectibles have so far been centered mostly around men's sports, Ohanian predicts the NFT market for women's sports collectibles will be even larger. Women are undervalued, just as they are in other markets, despite actually having much more influence on dollars," Ohanian tweeted , also pointing out that women control a greater portion of consumer spending than men.

For example, he said , "you've already seen the mimetic strength" of Megan Rapinoe, a legendary American professional soccer player. Ohanian continued to note that "the billions we've seen so far in trading cards" transactions on platforms like NBA Top Shot and the soccer digital collectible platform Sorare "is ignoring half the world for now " by not yet selling collectibles from women's sports. Sorare also has similar plans.

Bitcoin value crashes by 50 percent in one day- Technology News, Firstpost

Ohanian is an angel investor at Sorare, and one of "the big projects" he is working on with the company is to get women's soccer on the platform, a spokesperson at Sorare tells CNBC Make It. The most ironic outcome would be that Dogecoin becomes the currency of Earth in the future. But Dogecoin is best thought of as a cultural product, rather than a financial asset. The reality is few cryptocurrency users hold it as a serious investment or to use in regular transactions. Instead, to own Dogecoin is to participate in a culture.

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This swarm behaviour was unlike anything seen before — and it frightened global financial markets. Some people participate in financial markets as a form of consumption — meaning for entertainment, leisure and to experience community — just as much as they do for investment.

Bitcoin value crashes by 50 percent in one day

Almost by definition, the demand for a memecoin will fluctuate as wildly as internet culture itself does, turning cultural bubbles into financial bubbles. By inspecting Dogecoin closely, we can learn a lot about the interplay of technology, culture and economics. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are extraordinarily diverse.

Some are built for small payments or to be resilient holders of value. Others protect financial privacy or act as an internal token to manage smart contracts, supply chains or electricity networks.

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